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For Foosball that does it all.

The FoosFit and accompanying FoosFocus app were designed with the idea to provide players with a global platform for learning the greatest game on Earth.

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The Most Advanced Foosball Training Tool on the Market.

From a team of mechanical engineers and web developers comes the FoosFit and FoosFocus progressive web app. Built for the beginner level player in mind, yet advanced enough to challenge professional tour players.

Easy Install.

The FoosFit installs without any hardware required. No drilling into your table and no assembly required.

User Friendly.

With less than 2 minutes for installation, you'll be able to go from practice to play in no time at all.


Use our integrated training system or even create your own, the FoosFocus web app provides you with unlimited practice drills.


With over 1,200 players in our database of players, you'll have access to the largest community of professional players on the web.

FoosFit on Table

How The FoosFocus App Works


With your account, you'll have unlimited training programs at your disposal.


The FoosFocus app comes loaded with training drills to get you started quickly or create your own patterns and share with friends!


Watch as you advance from beginner to Tour Pro and beyond!


For our most competitive players, host an online tournament or challenge your friends - the possibilities are endless!

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Loaded With Features to Accelerate Your Training

Now you can enjoy the benefit of endless practice against a moving defense with the FoosFit attached to your foosball table.

"Hey, block for me"

Studies indicate "scenario based training" has given each one of us the opportunity to accelerate our learning in anything. Until now, simulating a real world defense to practice against was impossible except during live play. Accuracy and timing can take years to develop when practicing on stationary defenses. You and your opponents will see immediate improvements to your play when training with the FoosFit.


What makes a master foosball player? In a word, consistency. Foosball is a sport that, like the rest, requires constant practice. Consistent repetition between the hand and eye will improve your mind's ability to make split second decisions that are required to succeed in competitive foosball. Self awareness of your ability to accurately execute when necessary is at the foundation of becoming the best player you can become. Start today with FoosFit training and never look back. CAUTION: This becomes an addiction. You've been warned.


Traditionally, learning the timing of a defense took years of practice and was one of the barriers to entry in our sport. It simply took too long to get good enough to beat the local talent, let alone see any quantifiable improvement to your game. You'll learn ball control, timing, and how to read a defense in what used to take months or years without a FoosFit. Technology. It's amazing.


Learning how to vary your speed, practice against a defense that moves at different speeds, and then adjust accordingly are all skills that take years to develop. Shorten the learning curve to pass and score when given the opportunity. You'll learn to anticipate a defender to move out of your way and execute without hesitation.


Stepping through our course based training will teach the valued skill of devising a gameplan. Included are high level strategies of what to do in unexpected situations and how to overcome them.


The comprehensive FoosFocus guide on how to play foosball consists of tutorials taught by several top players from around the world. We present their teachings to you in an easy-to-follow, self paced environment designed to improve your gameplay from day one.

Visual Learning

Each tutorial consists of video that is short enough to get you on the foosball table and practicing almost immediately. Further, photos help us "draw" on the table where needed or to showcase specific situations where a lengthy analysis might be necessary.

Turnkey Solution

The FoosFit and FoosFocus progressive web app offer you all the necessary foosball training in a hands on approach. We'll take your game from knowing the basics all the way to pro ranking. All the resources you need are found at See you table side!

Tour Professionals You Can Trust

Author image
Daniel Dechert

"Some of the features that the Foosfit have are incredible. The Foosfit really helps with timing holes. They have a lot of already programmed defenses to shoot on. Another cool feature is you can record your own defense by moving the rods and then shoot on it. This also helps out defensively as you can see the gaps in your own defense and fix it. There is a bit of a learning curve on how to use it, but the tutorial videos by Denis are great and show you how to use all the cool features."

Author image
Johnny Laine Carrier Jr.

"After my first (training) session with Denis, I truly realized the riches of this device even in its current development. Very eye opening. It's significantly more valuable to me now as well."

Author image
Valeriy Sokolov

"Device works excellent - very helpful for training shots and passes. Bryan is a very kind and good person, who is really aimed on making foosball popular and developing it as a sport. I recommend everyone to buy FoosFit."

Easy Pricing Packages For Everyone.

Whether you pick up two, three, or four FoosFit devices, you'll have complete access to the FoosFocus progressive web app for all of your training needs.

***Due to the global chip shortage and high demand, we're currently SOLD OUT!***

Two FoosFits


w/FoosFocus PWA

  • 2 Bar Passing to 5 Bar
  • 5 Bar Passing
  • 2 Bar Passing to 3 Bar
  • Shooting on Goal

Four FoosFits


w/FoosFocus PWA

  • Exceptional for Singles Practice
  • Execute Realistic "pass and shoot" Simulations
  • 2 Bar Passing to 5 Bar
  • 5 Bar Passing
  • 2 Bar Passing to 3 Bar
  • Shooting on Goal

Access The FoosFocus App Now!

Get the latest version of the FoosFocus progressive web app and start your comprehensive training course today!

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