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The FoosFit and accompanying FoosFocus App were designed with the idea to provide players with a global platform for learning the greatest game on Earth.

Apple Users! With a simple download of a 3rd party app called Bluefy Bluefy Logo you can now run your FoosFit Devices using an Iphone or Apple Tablet.

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The Most Advanced Foosball Training Tool on the Market.

From a team of mechanical engineers and web developers comes the FoosFit and FoosFocus Progressive Web App. Built for the beginner level player in mind, yet advanced enough to challenge professional tour players.

Easy Install.

The FoosFit installs without any hardware required. No drilling into your table and no assembly required.

User Friendly.

With less than 2 minutes for installation, you'll be able to go from practice to play in no time at all.


Use our integrated training system or even create your own, the FoosFocus web app provides you with unlimited practice drills.


With over 1,200 players in our database of players, you'll have access to the largest community of professional players on the web.

FoosFit on Table

How The FoosFocus App Works


With your account, you'll have unlimited training programs at your disposal.


The FoosFocus app comes loaded with training drills to get you started quickly or create your own patterns and share with friends!


Watch as you advance from beginner to Tour Pro and beyond!


For our most competitive players, host an online tournament or challenge your friends - the possibilities are endless!

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Other Supported Table Types


App Screenshots


App Screenshots


App Screenshots


App Screenshots


App Screenshots

If you are ordering for a table type other then Tornado, Please let us know!
(Shim Adaptors can be included with Order)

Loaded With Features to Accelerate Your Training

Now you can enjoy the benefit of endless practice against a moving defense with the FoosFit attached to your foosball table.

"Hey, block for me"

Studies indicate "scenario based training" has given each one of us the opportunity to accelerate our learning in anything. Until now, simulating a real world defense to practice against was impossible except during live play. Accuracy and timing can take years to develop when practicing on stationary defenses. You and your opponents will see immediate improvements to your play when training with the FoosFit.


What makes a master foosball player? In a word, consistency. Foosball is a sport that, like the rest, requires constant practice. Consistent repetition between the hand and eye will improve your mind's ability to make split second decisions that are required to succeed in competitive foosball. Self awareness of your ability to accurately execute when necessary is at the foundation of becoming the best player you can become. Start today with FoosFit training and never look back. CAUTION: This becomes an addiction. You've been warned.


Traditionally, learning the timing of a defense took years of practice and was one of the barriers to entry in our sport. It simply took too long to get good enough to beat the local talent, let alone see any quantifiable improvement to your game. You'll learn ball control, timing, and how to read a defense in what used to take months or years without a FoosFit. Technology. It's amazing.


Learning how to vary your speed, practice against a defense that moves at different speeds, and then adjust accordingly are all skills that take years to develop. Shorten the learning curve to pass and score when given the opportunity. You'll learn to anticipate a defender to move out of your way and execute without hesitation.


Stepping through our course based training will teach the valued skill of devising a gameplan. Included are high level strategies of what to do in unexpected situations and how to overcome them.


The comprehensive FoosFocus guide on how to play foosball consists of tutorials taught by several top players from around the world. We present their teachings to you in an easy-to-follow, self paced environment designed to improve your gameplay from day one.

Visual Learning

Each tutorial consists of video that is short enough to get you on the foosball table and practicing almost immediately. Further, photos help us "draw" on the table where needed or to showcase specific situations where a lengthy analysis might be necessary.

Turnkey Solution

The FoosFit and FoosFocus progressive web app offer you all the necessary foosball training in a hands on approach. We'll take your game from knowing the basics all the way to pro ranking. All the resources you need are found at See you table side!

Tour Professionals You Can Trust

Author image
Daniel Dechert

"Some of the features that the Foosfit have are incredible. The Foosfit really helps with timing holes. They have a lot of already programmed defenses to shoot on. Another cool feature is you can record your own defense by moving the rods and then shoot on it. This also helps out defensively as you can see the gaps in your own defense and fix it. There is a bit of a learning curve on how to use it, but the tutorial videos by Denis are great and show you how to use all the cool features."

Author image
Johnny Laine Carrier Jr.

"After my first (training) session with Denis, I truly realized the riches of this device even in its current development. Very eye opening. It's significantly more valuable to me now as well."

Author image
Valeriy Sokolov

"Device works excellent - very helpful for training shots and passes. Bryan is a very kind and good person, who is really aimed on making foosball popular and developing it as a sport. I recommend everyone to buy FoosFit."

Easy Pricing Packages For Everyone.

We wanted to make it affordable for everyone to get started Today!

So, we slashed the Device prices, and offered an extremely Low App fee. Our Customers asked for it. So, we delivered!


Two FoosFits


App Access $/per month

  • 2 Bar Passing to 5 Bar
  • 5 Bar Passing
  • 2 Bar Passing to 3 Bar
  • Shooting on Goal
Select Annually and Save 10% on Subscription

Four FoosFits


App Access $/per month

  • Exceptional for Singles Practice
  • Execute Realistic "pass and shoot" Simulations
  • 2 Bar Passing to 5 Bar
  • 5 Bar Passing
  • 2 Bar Passing to 3 Bar
  • Shooting on Goal
Select Annually and Save 10% on Subscription

Access The FoosFocus App Now!

Get the latest version of the FoosFocus progressive web app and start your comprehensive training course today!

Apple Users! With a simple download of a 3rd party app called Bluefy Bluefy Logo you can now run your FoosFit Devices using an Iphone or Apple Tablet.

Portrait view of FoosFocus Progressive Web App


Repair Kit


  • Two Replacement Risers
  • Peg Inserts
  • Nylon String
Repair Kit

FoosFoot Pro


comes as a pair

  • Two FoosFoot Pro
  • Cover all The Holes
  • Bolts On
  • No Spacers Required
  • Practice Mode Accessory
FoosFoot Pro

One FoosFit


Add to Existing App Access

  • One Device w/Control Box
  • All Accessory Parts Included
  • Subscription Required (OR)
  • Add-on to Existing Subscription (no addtl fees)
One FoosFit Device
Select Annually and Save 10% on Subscription

Subscription to FoosFocus App


App Access per month

  • Run Device Modes Manual, Practice, and Playback
  • Create, Record, and Store Defenses
  • Access to Training Module
  • If you ordered a FoosFit set above you don't need to order the Subscription here separately. This is strictly for customers who need to add a Subscription independently for specific cases.
FoosFoot Pro
Select Annually and Save 10% on Subscription

Frequently Asked Questions


Shipping within the United States is generally between $20 and $30 dollars depending on the number of FoosFit Devices ordered. Shipping outside the US ranges dramatically based on the Region. i.e. Canada is roughly $65, Europe is around $100. We have seen as much as $150 to some countries.

Once you put your order in and we begin processing the destination, you will receive additional correspondance from us if the shipping charges are outside our customary default charges.

We support all ITSF Tables listed on our Website. It is not possible for us to test every table type available on the market. If your table type is not listed there is a very good chance the Devices could still work on your table.

The key factor will be whether the devices can securely mount to the side wall of your table. By contacting us first, we may be able to walk you through a few things to measure and verify before purchase.

The actual Software should not be of any concern as that will Auto Calibrate for most Table Type Dimensions.

You technically only need one pair of Devices in most cases. The devices are interchangeable between all the Rods (3-Row, 5-Row, and Goalie Rods).

If you want to practice different parts of your game in one practice session, and you don't want to have to deal with the inconvenience of moving them from Rod to Rod, then by all means having an extra set of Devices will come in handy.

You can run up to 4 devices on One Subscription Service. If you buy one set of FoosFit Devices and later decide to Add an Additional set, then you simply only need to purchase the new set, and we will add the new devices to your existing Subscription Service.

Since the Default Purchase button tries to Add the subscription automatically, it is probably best to simply make the purchase, and then follow up with an email to highlight your needs. We will most likely notice the discrepancy and refund the difference automatically during processing, but either way it will all get worked out such that you don't end up with two Subscription charges to your account.

Occasionally during shipping things happen. We have had very good luck so far, but a few times we have seen cracked and/or broken parts due to rough handling. Don't worry! Just send us an email of what you suspect is broken and a few images to help us identify exactly what is broken. We will work with you to send you replacement parts and or a new part if it is not easily repairable.

Yes, sometimes you may even run into the dreaded Software or Hardware component failure. That's okay, we will do our best to get you whatever is needed to get you up and running. We build everything in house and we also do initial testing, but unfortunately we have no control over some of the Micro processor chips and other components manufactured throughout the World. We just deal with the failures like you, and move on.

We will do everything in our power to make it right, and get you back up and running ASAP.

We have no plans of going away, and to help guarantee our success and longevity, we had to come up with a business model which was concrete and sustainable. By enforcing the low cost subscription access, we are able to keep the Web Servers up and running which house the Progressive FoosFlo and FoosTrack Web Apps.

Come On Now!

I am pretty sure you spend way more then 5 or 6 bucks a month on other Hobbies & Entertainment. Are you telling me you cannot support and commit a lousy $60 bucks a year supporting the game we all love. You and I both know that you will play this game for the rest of your life. You may come and go over the years, but once you start this game, it stays with you for life.

There is not a single product on the planet that even comes close to what these devices can do for you and your game. I am Denis Ory the product developer and owner of the FoosFit Devices, and I personally guarantee they can and will help you improve your game. There is no magic pill to becoming a great foosball player. You just have to get those devices out each and everyday, turn them on, and work through the lessons.

If you only knew how much effort went into creating these would gracesly hand me a few bucks out of pity...LOL...Truly this has been allot of work getting to this point, but I loved every minute of it, and I hope to bring you more and more great things in the future.

Support me and the sport we all Love, Sincerely Denis Ory

Phase 2 - The original FoosFit Devices were on what we call a Phase 2 Platform.

Phase 3 - The current redesigned devices are now on a Phase 3 platform.

The redesign was forced on us due to Supply chain and COVID related issues. While this was a monumental task and NOT necessarily something we were planning for in the near future, the side affect of having to tackle this redesign is that we were able to cleanup and improve a few things that were needed anyway.

If you have an existing working Phase 2 device, I would not worry or recommend moving to Phase 3. Yes, there are a few improvements in PH3, like more memory, and a slightly faster processor, but functionally all the current Ph3 features should work just fine with your existing Phase 2 devices.

Yes, it is true, if you have been having your devices for a long time, then you may be running a dot version that is slightly older and it wouldn't hurt to upgrade them. The phase 2 firmware update can be done by you at your own home. If this is something you need help with. You can send us an email to our support address, and we can get you the necessary file to perform the upgrade.

If you are running Phase 3 devices, the process is slightly different from Phase 2. It is not super difficult, but there are a few nuances and small details which are very important to understand before upgrading.

You can find these details in the FAQ labeled "Upgrading Phase 3 Devices".

Okay! So you want to Upgrade your Phase 3 Devices to the latest release?
I want you to understand a few things before you begin:

1) It is not hard, but it does require you to open the control box, and touch 2 pins on the processor with some tweezers. This means you should not touch anything other then those two pins to avoid shorting out something unintended.

2) In rare occasions even if you do everything correctly, the board could reach a state called "Bricked" which is just an annoying nature of working with Mini Processors. In the event this happens to you, you will have to send the Control Box or Boxes back to us, so we can run special software and "Un-Brick" them. Yeah! I Know! It is Annoying!

If you understand these risks, and you are prepared to potentially be down for a week or so, due to unforseen circumstances, then by all means you can move forward. If running your devices at the moment is your main priority, and you are not seeing an adverse issues with your devices, then by all means, wait on the upgrade until you are ready.

If you want us to perform the upgrade, at no charge, then ship the control boxes back to us. We will upgrade them and ship them back ASAP.

You have come this far, so i guess you are ready :)
Follow this link to a Google drive which contains everything you need to perform the upgrade.
Upgrade Link

Okay! So you want to Upgrade your Phase 2 Devices to the latest release?

1) At the moment the latest Phase 2 version is (2.6). I definitely recommend you upgrade to the latest version because it fixes several elusive issues that we have seen over the last few years. Lost and corrupted messages across the BLE channel was causing all sorts of weird interations mostly visible when using the Playback Mode, and Occasionally on other modes as well.

2) Phase 2 devices don't support color LEDs and does have limited memory on the processor. Many of the help videos may mention certain aspects related to LED color displays and/or specific Mode design details which may not be exactly supported in the same way. Everything will work as intended, but just with different or restricted design behaviours.

3) If you see a help video related to upgrading Phase2 devices, everything related to the actual upgrade is still correct other then locating the BIN file which will be located at the Google Drive link below.

Follow the link below!
This Google drive link contains everything you need to perform the upgrade.
Upgrade Here


Terms of Service

Cancellation Policy:
Subscription Commitment:
By purchasing the FoosFit Devices, you agree to subscribe to the FoosFlo web server app for a minimum term of one year ("Subscription Term"). The Subscription Term commences upon the date of purchase.
Cancellation Request:
If you wish to cancel your subscription before the end of the one-year Subscription Term, you must submit a cancellation request in writing via email to The written request should include your name, email, contact information, and the reason for cancellation.
Cancellation Fee:
There is no early Cancellation Fee as long as you have payed for the Annual Subscription during purchase, or you agree to pay the remaining Subscription remaining to cover one years worth of a normal subscription (Annual subscription is $65).
Refund Policy:
No refunds will be provided for any unused portion of the Subscription Term. The cancellation fee, if applicable, will be deducted from any potential refund.
Cancellation Confirmation:
You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation request via email. The cancellation will be effective upon receipt of the written cancellation request, and all access to the FoosFlo web server app will be terminated accordingly.
Changes to the Cancellation Policy:
We reserve the right to modify or update this cancellation policy at any time. Notification of any changes will be communicated through our website or via email.

Trading Policy:
Trading Devices:
If you decide to sell or trade your devices to another person, simply cancel your subscription anytime after the Normal Cancellation Policy.
The new owner is required to purchase a new subscription on our Website, and then follow up with an email to requesting to have the FoosFit devices transferred to their User Email.
All Devices are tracked by a specific MAC Address displayed during a BLE Connect Attempt. Those addresses must be manually moved by a FoosFit Admin upon request by the new User.
Request can be made over the phone or by email (preferably by Email).